Beige B*tch

Beige B*tch

Nima Séne (GB)

English spoken


Beige B*tch is a visually ambitious live art theatre performance which delves deep into the (sur)reality of ‘culturally ambiguous’ identity. The performance centres around post-internet icon Beige B*tch (Nima Séne) who acts as the provocative star and host. In a cultural blitzkreig of artisan anecdotes, intimate interviews and bespoke adverts, BB scrolls through the saturated reality of her all beige everything world. Beige B*tch poses pointed questions about white accountability, Black Culture and what it means to belong.

'Never passing as white allowed me to embrace being black. This influenced the idea of making Beige B*tch' Nima Séne in een interview in The Stage

'The show is looking at issues of black cultural identity and white appropriation of that,” says Artistic Director Take me Somewhere festival Findlay-Walsh, who calls Séne “one of the most exciting artists working in Scotland.' The Herald

'This is a beautifully presented show, an hour of first-class visual and auditory excellence.' The Greater Manchester Reviewer

created & performed by Nima Séne featuring artists FRAN.K, James Primmer, Jee Chan & Daniel Hughes film by Daniel Hughes costume by Sabrina Henry produced by Laura Fisher (of POWERHAUS) lighting design Jazz Hutsby sound design Alicia Matthews mentor Derrais Carter afterword by Imani Robinson make up (film) Venus Von Vorstadt sound recording (film) Ludovic Barrier set design (film) Josephine Lalande prologue performance by Dizzy Vineyard commissioned by Contact & Live Art UK Diverse Actions supported by Creative Scotland, Platform, The Work Room, Engine Room at National Theatre of Scotland, Tramway, Buzzcut & Take Me Somewhere.



Nima Séne is a Glasgow based Berliner making interdisciplinary performance and film works. Their first 'solo' show Beige B*tch was commissioned by Contact, Diverse Actions & Live Art UK and has it's full performance at Take Me Somewhere festival in May 2019 at the CCA (Glasgow) and is now open to touring with the first stop at Frascati Issues: To Voice festival. They have performed with Brownton Abbey, shown work at Somerset House, Arts Admin Toynbee Studios, Camden People's Theater, Tron Theater, The Marlborough Pub &Theater and worked with The Work Room, Untitled Projects, Tramway, plat-form and Berliner Festspiele amongst others. Their practice is predominantly a directing-curating collaborative method and rooted in cultural identity and belonging inspired and informed by pop culture, afro-futurism and research into diaspora realities and Black Studies. Séne was the 2017 recipient of the Starter Residency from Engine Room, National Theater of Scotland and currently is supported by NTS to develop their practice as a director and develop their next project as an artist-performance maker.

70 minutes
Open call

Alcohol is consumed and offered to the audience in this performance.