Ways to Submit

wed 02 & thu 03 october

Ways to Submit

Ira Brand

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A show about dominance and submission.

The ways we give in, and the ways we take control. Physically, psychologically, sexually, socially.
Through the body, through language, and through structures of power.

Ways To Submit invites you in to a fantasy, a game, a dialogue, a performance, a fight: a series of duets in which power is at work.

Ways To Submit tries to understand the body – and the performance space – as a site of resistance and a site of succumbing. It explores what it means to play at dominance and submission. And who has the privilege to ‘play’?

'A fantastic and constantly surprising piece of theatre that discusses power on multiple levels' ★★★★ The Spy In The Stalls (UK)

conceived, written and performed by Ira Brand dramaturgy by Jo Bannon lighting and technical design by Jo Palmer financial support by the National Lottery through Arts Council England commissioned by The Yard Theatre supported by Cambridge Junction and The Marlborough Theatre


Ira Brand is an artist, performance-maker, writer, and curator.

She creates live interdisciplinary performances: visceral, funny and tender attempts to explore often vast contemporary topics in a way that celebrates both personal and collective experience. Previous and current projects are about fear, ageing, illness, gender. Over the past few years Ira has been interested in exploring power and how it is enacted, seen, and felt, specifically looking at the relationships between power, gender, sexuality, desire, and language.

Break Yourself, for example, is a show performed in male drag; layering multiple, slippery identities on top of each other, playing with how the ambiguous readings of her body resonate with a series of sexual fantasies rooted in particular power dynamics. Ways To Submit focuses in on dominance and submission, using an invitation to the audience to have a physical fight, to ask what it means to ‘play’ in these dynamics, and what it might be able to offer us. In her work Ira wants to create a space in which we can acknowledge and celebrate the ambiguities and inconsistencies of contemporary living, that are sometimes hard to hold in focus. She wants to create a space in which we can both feel strongly and think critically, a space of equal openness and rigour, emergence and boldness. Ira's process is one of using personal starting points to speak to wider social, political, and formal concerns. Her work makes use of text, video, auto/biography, found material, research and interview processes, and physical practices, exploring a language of the untrained body through dance, movement, and gesture.

She has an interest in achieving particular states in the body, in the looseness and explicitness brought on by exhaustion or obstacle or a lack of control. Her work has toured the UK extensively and has also been shown internationally at Malavoadora Porto, Matadero Madrid, Kanagawa Arts Theatre Yokohama, Hessisches Landestheater Marburg, Studiobühne Köln, The Basement Auckland, and Abrons Arts Centre New York. Ira is also one of the Co-Directors of award-winning artist-led collective Forest Fringe, with whom she has delivered projects as an artist and producer across the UK and internationally, including in Edinburgh, Hong Kong, New York, Dublin, Lisbon, and Kanazawa, Japan. She is a recent graduate of the Masters Programme at DAS Theatre, Amsterdam.

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Frascati 2 / 65 minuten
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