Three Seconds (ثلاث ثوان)

Three Seconds (ثلاث ثوان)

Hoor Malas & Mayar Alexan / Dancing on the Edge

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A journey through the narrow and intimate corridors of the performer’s head, the world of her dreams

In these times, dreams have become the only private or even secret place that a human being has. Dreams are also the place where (self)consciousness turns a blind eye, leaving space for repressed desires, old memories, and daily details to interweave and create their own magical scenarios and film-like sequences each night. Three Seconds, referring to the average length of a dream, reconstructs such sequences. The performance takes the spectator through minimal yet magical combinations of movement, light and sound to experience that world, and follows a character stuck in the world of dreams. Who are we in this alternative world? How can we be criminals, lovers, prophets and heroes at night, yet wake up as if nothing has happened?

direction Mayar Alexan choreography & performance Hoor Malas production manager Ibrahim Diab duration 45 min language no problem




Hoor Malas is a contemporary dancer and choreographer. She graduated from Ballet School in Damascus, holds a B.A. in dance from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Damascus (2007) and a diploma in Contemporary Dance from NSCO (Northern School of Contemporary Dance) Leeds, UK (2008). She is co-founder of SIMA Dance Company. She is choreographer of Wishing I Was Stone (2014), Above Zero (2015), Regression (2016) and Three Seconds (2018).

Mayar Alexan is a theater maker. He graduated from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Damascus in 2013. His latest projects as a theater maker are Incomplete (2016), in collaboration with Peter Huskova and Julianan Sokolova; A Ticket to Atlantis (2016) in collaboration with Lina Issa; and Three Seconds (2018) with Hoor Malas.


45 minuten
NL Premiere