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Something in This Universe

Something in This Universe

Genevieve Murphy (UK) / Nicole Beutler Projects ism Veem House



Something In This Universe is a solo performance by Genevieve Murphy, questioning whether there is such a thing as isolation when comforted by an infinite desire for perfection.

Inspired by the ‘tipping point’ between control and destruction the audience views a person captured between the seduction and obsession of a compulsive disorder. Genevieve Murphy creates an individualized space in which to lose yourself. A place to enjoy your own company - but also a place that will reveal your mortal fears, disappointments and self-neglect. Recently, Murphy’s has been fascinated by psychology and disability. Her work explores ways to communicate sensations that can feel intangible and incomprehensible.

"A lot of challenges in life do not feel tangible but they dominate us and really have a weight to them. What is that ‘something' that dominates and dictates our every move? I suddenly saw a relationship between that and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)." Read the interview with Genevieve about the link between composing, obsessions and dark matter. 

"And suddenly it's there, the consolation. Consolation for your own madness, comfortably set right next to you in stead of kept far away." Musicalnieuws.nl more…

"After Murphy OCD-ish performance you almost want to drop down on you knees to feel the satisfaction of scrubbing the floor. That's how empathic her performance was." ★★★★ Theaterkrant more…

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Concept, direction, music and performance Genevieve Murphy Set design Tim Vermeulen Sound technician Joel Thurman Dramaturgy Nienke Scholts Artistic advice Nicole Beutler, Stefan Prins, Yannis Kyriakides Production Nicole Beutler Projects Co-production Veem House for Performance, Korzo With the support of Fonds Podiumkunsten With thanks to Esther Snelder, BAU Photography Thomas Lenden