One of a kind

One of a kind

Vincent Riebeek

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One of a Kind is a quartet Vincent Riebeek developed during his two year Master-research at Das Theatre. Best described as a contemporary musical this that rollercoaster of multiple genres and narratives whisks the audience up into it’s whirlwind pace and motions.

The performance consists of a complexly woven tapestry of appropriated material, presented in the form of an assemblage, to voice a personal and conceptual view on identity, authenticity and solidarity.  The exuberant cocktail of theatrical, choreographic, musical and textual elements create an exhilarating, complex yet coherent proposal where dance, text and acting find their non-hierachical place in carrying content.

Expertly blend together to propose alternative realities that challenge a type of binary thinking that is the fruit of a neo liberal, patriarchal, hetero normative society. Four bodies are presented in a constant state of merging and transforming while embodying existing content. The performers use role-play, contortionism and shape-shifting in order to bend borrowed scripts, both literally and metaphorically, into a customized dramaturgy for a ‘new’ visionary body. The core intention of the work is to create a liberating experience that is empowering both audience and performer, based in the belief that a ‘symbolic act’ has the potential to transform our daily thinking. Sourcing from a broad base in different dance and performance backgrounds, references function as codes that privilege those who can read it and what is done with it differently than others. Encountering these influences within one frame the performance functions as a multi-faceted reality where bodies assume no name, no face, and are as fluid as our shifting identities. Through a playful game of masquerade the performers engage with a quest for sincerity in unconventional ways. The act of revealing can be seen as the overall narrative curve of the piece, between the masked and the naked body, expectation and surprise, fake and real, original and authentic. The performers carefully balance on the boundary between art and entertainment with the aim to propose a work where it’s success is not contingent upon meeting a standard but rather considers an ambiguity that encourages the audience to create their own narratives, identities, utopias and measure to success. By doing so, in their own mischievous way, the interpreters give you a glimpse of their kaleidoscopic view of identity where a queer perspective can be considered the omniscient vantage point.

concept and dramaturgy Vincent Riebeek created in dialogue with/performed by Esther Arribas, Fernando Belfiore, Dani Brown, Nicolas Roses advice Renee Copraij, Andrea Bozic, Julien Alembik created in Amsterdam with the support of Das Theatre, Frascati, Dansmakers & Jacuzzi production DANSCO special mention Barbara van Lindt, Heske van den Ende, Marc Streit, Marieke van Bueren, Rose Akras, the Das Arts Community, Hans and Marion Riebeek, Jacques Riebeek, Michele Rizzo, Tomislav Feller and many others who contributed either their help or advice in realizing this project along the way.



Vincent Riebeek (1990) started out self-taught with a background in street dance. He got introduced to the stage in his pre-teens through the commercial dance circuit and musical productions. He got accepted at the Amsterdamse Hoogeschool voor de Kunsten at age 16 to participate in a youth dance program that focused on reaching out to talent that would normally not get in touch with academic dance education, to eventually graduate with a Bachelor in Choreography from SNDO in 2013, while being a Dance Web recipient at Impulstanz Festival during his studies in 2010. Ever since his work has been presented across Europe and abroad and has earned critical acclaim for shifting boundaries between high culture and entertainment while getting appointed numerous prices and residencies. He has worked in collaboration with the following; most notably with Florentina Holzinger since 2010 (with whom he was represented and produced by Belgium based art center ‘Campo’ since 2012), as a founding member of Young Boy Dancing Group since 2011 as well as with, though not restricted to, working with Ligia Lewis (2013) and Michele Rizzo (2011) and has worked as a performer for i.a. Tino Sehgal (2015). He had his first solo exhibition and performance at Artspace Aukland in 2012 and premiered his first solo work upon graduating at Sophiensaele Berlin in 2015. In 2016 he got accepted at Das Arts (Amsterdam) where he recently graduated with a Master degree in Theatre. His latest performance ‘one of a kind’ can be seen as a result of this two year research and the first time Riebeek has directed a piece ‘off stage’.