One Mic Stand

One Mic Stand

Young Identity (GB) & Poetry Circle Nowhere

English spoken
spoken word


A boisterous night of poetry, music and visual art with Manchester’s and Amsterdam’s finest young spoken word performers
On this closing night of Frascati issues: To Voice, we will bring together the young poets of Contact’s house company Young Identity with Amsterdam-based Poetry Circle Nowhere in a unique, one-off joint poetry show case about Manchester and Amsterdam, and the changing state of the cities.

Young Identity poets Saf Elsenossi (SAF-S2E), Christopher Brown (Crispy B), Ella Eneme Otomewo, Scarlett-Rose and Jardel Rodrigues

Poetry Cricle Nowhere poets Sjaan Flikweert, Mirte Hartland, Jasper Albinus, Rachel Rumai Diaz and Maartje Joanna Schröder host Nicole May foto Gianmarco Bresadola

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Saf Elsenossi (SAF-S2E) is a Young Identity poet, a performance artist and rapper based in Manchester. He is one out of the six winners of BBC's Words First - a talent development programme for spoken word - and performed at BBC’s national poetry and spoken-word festival Contains Strong Language. He is published in Use Words First (OWN IT! and Wrecking Ball Press) and 'No Disclaimers' (Ivy publications). Previous production credits Breathe and Breathe 2 (Manchester International Festival), Sounds From The Other City and Moovin Festival. He is currently working on a new play with Contact Theatre and HOMEmcr.

Christopher Brown (Crispy B) is a poet and theatre-maker from Manchester. Currently developing a movement and poetry collaboration with seed funding from The Royal Exchange, he is interested in how art and people connect. With Young Identity, he has performed as part of the Manchester International Festival, at HOMEmcr as part of the BBC Words First and at Greenbelt Festival.

Ella Eneme Otomewo is a Manchester-based performance poet. She is currently studying a masters degree in Creative Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University and has most recently performed her work for Manchester International Festival, Lowry Theatre, and Penguin Publishers. Ella facilitates creative writing workshops, has performed at spoken word events up and down the country and has been a member of Young Identity poetry collective for four years. Her work is feminist, personal, and tender.

Scarlett-Rose is an active member of Young Identity and MA student in Contemporary Performance Practice at Salford University. Scarlett-Rose is a poet, performance artist and theatre-maker, whose work explores the blending of sonic healing, poetry and movement as a vessel for storytelling and catharsis. Scarlett has spent her past seven years working on various creative projects, some of which include commissions from Contact Theatre, Manchester International Festival and the BBC.

Jardel Rodrigues is a poet and rapper from Manchester, England. He recently, legacised the city's Peterloo Massacre victims at the bicentenary memorial event called From The Crowd; Jardel, collaborated on the writing for a brand new show called 'Alphabus: A New Myth', commissioned by Manchester International Festival. He is a longstanding member of Young Identity.

Sjaan Flikweert is a dancer and spoken word artist. She graduated from the Amsterdam Acadey of Theatre and Dance. After her graduation she travelled the world to deeper her work and attended L’ecole des Sables in Senegal and New York. Since 2009 she is part of the Poetry Circle Nowhere collective and performed in several Dutch Theaters and festivals alongside performances in South-Africa, Portugal, the UK and Brasil. In 2018 she performed at TEDxAmsterdamWomen and in 2019 her work got selected for the anthology Hardop (Atlas contact). Sjaan is a spoken word and dance teacher at Amsterdam University of Applied Science and Academy of Theatre and Dance, Willem de Kooning, Rietveld and Codarts. She writes about different themes from a personal perspective and social context. Sjaan works in a broad spectrum from giving a poetic contribution in debates to performing in famous theaters. Sjaan Flikweert presents a symbiosis of verbal and non-verbal language that guarantees an exciting performance.

Mirte Hartland is a singer-songpoet, musical word artist and language magician with a guitar. By juggling with spoken word, singing and her guitar she uncovers where melody and story strengthen each other. Her work excists off a carefully composed collage of ambiances and images with a melancholic undertone. Her live act is small and personal with a balanced sound. For Poetry Circle Nowhere she wrote, created and played different shows at festival like Oerol, Lowlands and De Parade. Next to this she produces recordings of her own work and guides young talents with writing.

Jasper Albinus is a poet and performer. In 2017 he attended the Poetry Circle, the platform for performing writers. Coming from the spoken word scene, he developed his poetry in a rhythmic style that comes to life on stage. He uses the art of poetry and performance as an instrument to feel issues like identity, history and our relationships with our society. Jasper performed at Oerol, Roots Festival, de Melkweg, Fringe and is involved as an artist with his hometown Utrecht. For Poetry Circle Nowhere he played in Sites of Memory, a theatrical boatride at the Amsterdam canals, about the colonial history. In 2018 he got selected for the writings master Slow Writing Lab of the Dutch Letterfun where he researches the structures of family, migration and identity. In 2019 he made is debut in the anthology Hardop (Atlas contact) a sample card of the dutch spoken word scene.

Rachel Rumai Diaz is a writer, poet, performance artist, teacher and artivist. Being fluent in English, Spanish, Dutch and Spanglish she intertwines these languages to create poetry that triggers imagination, emotions and understanding. Rachel is passionate about equality and sharing untold stories of the people around her. As a storyteller her goal is to build a dynamic bridge between Art and Activism to spread Artivism that touches on subjects like Intersectional Feminism, Colonialism, Identity and Diversity. She is an ambassador of the Van Gogh Museum and an editor at foundation Perdu, where she produces literary events. Rachel is also co-founder of ‘La Raza’, a collective founded by Latinx female creatives in The Netherlands that attends to unite the Latinx community and create a platform for creatives to meet and represent the culture through art and unity.

Maartje Joanna Schröder works as a stylist, producer, teacher and artist. Questions around identity, gender, personhood and their interrelatedness inform all aspects of her artistic practice. The research aspect of her practice takes form through photographic self-portraits, drawings, a zine series as well as public performances as drag king. She attended the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and graduated in Sociology at the Universiteit van Amsterdam.