Bambie C

fri 25 till wed 30 september

Bambie C


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Laugh at the strange turn our lives suddenly took

The so-called ‘1,5 meter society’ causes frustration with many people these days. But not for the mimes of Bambie! They use it as a source of inspiration. In the absurdist performance Bambie C we see two little men on stage. Separated by a wall, they both stay in their own space. We look in on them and witness how they look in on themselves. What does it mean, not to be able to go outside? What does it mean not to have any physical contact? Not to see each other? Through an expressive series of actions and audible telephone conversations; with each other and fictional people outside of the theatrical space, the men depict concepts such as: “worrying" and “loneliness”, but also “letting go and leaving things to run their course”.

with Jochem Stavenuiter, Paul van der Laan direction/dramaturgy Marijn van der Jagt stage advice Hester Jolink technique Manuel Boutreur production Lena Meijer 


15 / 11,50
Frascati 2 / 50 minuten