ACT: Johan Leysen speelt Beckett

wed 26 february

ACT: Johan Leysen speelt Beckett

Het Zuidelijk Toneel / A two dogs company - Kris Verdonck

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Samuel Beckett – poet, writer, winner of the Nobel Prize – was not optimistic about men’s fate.

Multi-artist Kris Verdonck explores Beckett’s ideas on mankind – mankind on the edge of extinction – with a mix of theatre, video-art and science. Beckett’s Stories and Texts for Nothing (1946-1952) – about an old man and his impossible quest to find a place for himself in the world – forms the fundament of ACT, with renowned actor Johan Leysen, who stages the texts of Beckett.

Before and after the performance visitors can visit the video-installation and the lecture (on video) of Jean Paul Van Bendegem, professor of logic and philosophy of science. With this trail, artist and theatre director Kris Verdonck explores the fascination he shares with Beckett for technology and the growing battle between man and machine. Is there still a place for mankind in a world where machines are becoming even more sophisticated in their capability of replacing humans? A world that mankind itself is leading to a successful destruction?


from & by Johan Leysen direction Kris Verdonck dramaturgy Kristof van Baarle

€17 / €13.5
Frascati 1
Tickets online €1 goedkoper
installatie MASS #2

Kris Verdonck maakt voor ACT een nieuwe installatie, MASS #2, waarin vier poëtische landschappen zonder mensen zich ontvouwen. Te bezoeken een uur voor aanvang, en tot een half uur na afloop van de voorstelling in Frascati 2.