New Skin

New Skin

Toneelhuis / Hannah De Meyer in coproductie met Frascati Producties

English spoken


new skin is a show about that determination, that energy and that love.

Hannah De Meyer: ‘I feel a very strong bond with a rebellious young generation of antiracist writers, climate activists and economists – the first generation that is not economically better off than their parents. These young people who have been born into a broken world are looking around and indignantly asking: Really? Is this what you’ve left us?

I admire that anger. It’s the firm indignation of people who are forced to look for alternative stories. Different stories about what success is, what prosperity is and what comprises a thriving society.

That indignation can be a transformative force. I’m fascinated by how life-threatening situations can arouse a tremendous amount of resilience and imagination. How peace movements can arise in the midst of political and climatological threats. People who look into the heart of injustice and destruction and then, with determination, nevertheless say something about love.

text & performance Hannah De Meyer inside eye /assistence text & performance Jesse Vandamme sound Niels Van Heertum, Frederik Leroux light Peter Missotten production Toneelhuis / P.U.L.S. coproduction Frascati Producties