• the mysterious lai teck

The Mysterious Lai Teck

thu 11 till sat 13 june

The Mysterious Lai Teck

Ho Tzu Nyen

Mandarijn (NL & ENG boventiteling)


Lai Teck was the leader of the Communist Party in Malaysia from 1939 to 1947. He was also a triple agent, working for France, Britain and Japan. Singaporean artist Ho Tzu Nyen investigates the life of this man who reportedly had more than thirty identities. In a visually disorienting, cryptic staging with mechanical elements, projections and music, Ho plays an ingenious game of masking and revealing. In 2018 the festival presented Ho Tzu Nyen’s One or Several Tigers. He is praised for work which shines a light on forgotten or concealed aspects of the history of Southeast Asia, a region with many nationalities, divided by numerous conflicts.

concept, dirction, text, edit Ho Tzu Nyen performer, voice, translation Tay Kong Hui onderzoeksadvies Marc Opper Andy Lim light, set, technical direction Jeffrey Yue musician Black to Comm animatronics Creature NFX Workshop digitale visual effects & CG Graham Lamb production Ho Tzu Nyen, ARTFACTORY met steun van
National Arts Council, Singapore


€21 /€12
Frascati 1 / 55 minuten
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