L'homme rare

tue 16 & wed 17 june

L'homme rare

Nadia Beugré, Studios Kabako



Gender always plays a role in the work of Ivorian choreographer Nadia Beugré. At the 2018 Holland Festival, her piece Legacy was an impressive homage to the strong women from her native country. In her newest piece, L’homme rare (‘The rare man’), Nadia Beugré elevates the issue of gender into the central topic. She is amused by the question of why male dancers feel embarrassed to make movements that are known as ‘typically feminine’. Is masculinity endangered by swaying your butt, hips or pelvis? Why do we think of certain things as typically masculine or feminine, and how do those concepts influence our way of looking at things? With a troupe of five high-heeled and scantily clad dancers, trained in a range of different styles, Nadia Beugré creates an exciting, provocative choreography centred on the pelvis.

choreography, direction Nadia Beugré external-eye Faustin Linyekula performed by Kaolack, Lucas Nicot, Daouda Keita, Nadim Bahsoun light Anthony Merlaud

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Inleiding 19:45