Here I am there

Here I am there

Akram Assam / Podium Mozaïek

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New work by Iraqi actor and director Akram Assam. For Here I Am There Akram spent 3 years researching the impact of the war in Baghdad on humanity and on how it determines his relationship to the city.

A collection of notes and notes. People who live in war zones. For a long time this diary was converted into a text within the performance to break the boundaries between here and there through memories. The performance is a combination of movement, video, and light in a special way.

Akram Assam : 'Art reflects life, violence is an integral part of life, Artists can incorporate violence (war, murder, etc.) into successful artworks.
I'm an artist originally from Baghdad and in my work, I deal mostly with the topics of war ( of course, since I lived in war all my life). My research has been about how we ( the Iraqi people) slowly lose our senses and how memories of people from there affect my body here. I talk about Zones of war and violence all over the world

Iraq, for example, I am not a dancer and I do not have any practice with my body however in this research I feel I have no option but to improve my movements. Since we are always changing, and always becoming, it is possible for us to return to a piece of art at a later time and have a whole new experience that is similar to us and resembles the things we love but because of what went through our lives and the recurrence of violence in our lives, perhaps this new piece of art is very violent to the public and at the same time, it is kind to you And I often think there is some kind of communication about something that would be useful to me at any moment.' - Akram Assam.

performance en regie Akram Assam music Ata Güner video artist Muhanad Rasheed advice Chris Keulemans dramaturgy Arthur Kneepkens 

55 minuten